Warframe's Beasts of the Sanctuary update adds new character, survival mode

Developer Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe’s latest free update, known as Beasts of the Sanctuary, will launch on PC later this week. It’s due to arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in May.

Beasts of the Sanctuary contains two key additions. First up is Sanctuary Onslaught, a survival mode that pits players, either solo or in squads of up to four, against increasingly difficult waves of opponents in order to pass from portal to portal and recover the missing Khora Blueprints. It can be accessed by talking to Cephalon Simaris at the Sanctuary in the Relay.

“Enter the portal to test the limits of your power against the battle-hardened beasts of the Sanctuary. Work together to survive the odds and recover the remains of a shattered Warframe”, is how Digital Extremes explains it.

New Warframe Khora and cat pal Kavat.

By surviving the Sanctuary, players will be able to gain access to the update’s second new addition – Warframe Khora. Khora is described as a “versatile dynamo of offensive and defensive power”. She wields a metallic whip that can strike enemies from a distance, and commands the cat-like metallic Kavat that “quickly engulfs enemies in a whirlwind of pain”.

More information on Warframe’s Beasts of the Sanctuary update can be found over on Digital Extremes’ website. You can also catch a glimpse of Khora and the new Sanctuary Onslaught mode in action via the latest developer video above.

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