Sonic Forces will let you play as Shadow the Hedgehog

UPDATE 4.00pm: Sega has now officially announced Sonic Forces’ Shadow the Hedgehog DLC pack and pledged that it will be free for everyone who owns the game.

“The Episode Shadow add-on focuses on the mysterious backstory between Shadow and Infinite and includes an additional three Shadow stages plus the ability to replay as Shadow in over 10 Modern Sonic stages,” Sega’s press release stated.

The only difference with the Digital Bonus Edition, then, is the inclusion of a Shadow costume and the Sega character costume pack.

Shadow the Hedgehog, everyone’s favourite Sonic character, will be playable in the upcoming Sonic Forces.


An “Episode Shadow” pack will be available with the Digital Bonus Edition of Sonic Forces, according to a listing on the Xbox Store. There’s no word yet from Sega on if this pack will be available separately.

We’ve asked Sega for more information on the pack.

“Get Episode Shadow to uncover the untold story of the new villain, Infinite, and rediscover three updated stages playing as Shadow,” its store description reads. “Plus, play as Shadow in over 10 Modern Sonic based stages!

“Experience the full story behind the new villain’s rise to power and as you find renewed replayablity across Modern Sonic stages. The fate of Sonic the Hedgehog’s world is in your hands – Join the Uprising.”


The Digital Bonus Edition will also include Shadow and Persona 5 costumes, plus a Sega Pack with skins for Ai-Ai from Super Monkey Ball and NiGHTS, among others.

Shadow has been absent for the series for some time, and not playable since (we think?) 2009’s Sonic and the Black Knight. He’s something of an acquired taste among Sonic fans – but then they are people who like Sonic, so…

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