FIFA 18 gets free World Cup mode in May

FIFA 18 gets a free World Cup mode on 29th May, so you can win the tournament with England in the game to make up for England getting knocked out at the group stage in real life.

Raheem Sterling looking thrilled to be playing for England, there.

The update, which is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch versions of the game, adds an officially-licensed World Cup mode. Expect authentic teams, stadiums, kits, badges, the official match ball and the trophy. It doesn’t sound like EA added an authentic recreation of the inevitable crowd trouble, though.

It’s no Jules Rimet, is it?

You can play from the group stage to the final in Moscow in online friendlies and online tournament modes. There’s a custom tournament mode, which lets you use any licensed national team in FIFA 18 to create your own World Cup (Italy, Chile and USA fans – this is for you).

I can’t think of anything new to say about Ronaldo.

All 12 Russian stadiums to be used in the World Cup are in the game. EA said there are cinematic scenes that go on “long after the final whistle”, which sounds a bit like a threat.

I predict a riot.

There’s a FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team mode, too, which includes a revised chemistry system (instead of clubs and leagues, nationalities and confederations will be key chemistry components to consider when building and organising your squad), and items that relate to the tournament (items will update based on the performances of players who stood out on matchday).

Will one-man team Argentina compete this year?

Also in the Ultimate Team mode are new Icons, “some of the most iconic players from the tournament’s history”, EA said. If Glenn Hoddle’s in the game I’m sure those card packs will fly off the virtual shelves.

Did you know Antoine Griezmann plays Fortnite? Now you do.

Speaking of packs, there’s a “double pack incentive” – for every standard or premium pack you buy in FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team, you get equivalent pack value in FUT 18. Clever.

EA has yet to announce the new Icons, so here’s a screenshot of the lovely – and in form – Isco.

With World Cup fever fast approaching, it makes sense EA would want to cash-in with a mode that taps into the money-making machine that is Ultimate Team. We’ve seen standalone World Cup games in the past, so it’s very much a good thing EA has made this year’s take a free one in FIFA 18. Bravo!

Now, where’s that wall chart?

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