CCP confirms Eve Online-inspired multiplayer shooter Project Nova still in development

Among a flurry of updates at this weekend’s Eve Vegas event comes confirmation that Project Nova, CCP’s latest stab at an Eve Online-inspired multiplayer shooter, is still very much a going concern.

The development of Nova, announced in 2016, has taken place in relative secrecy, with the game absent from this year’s Eve Fanfest. At Eve Vegas on Friday, however, CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Ptursson confirmed the studio is “heads-down working on this game.”

Project Nova is a successor of sorts to the defunct PlayStation 3 free-to-play shooter Dust 514, which also took place in the Eve universe. Little is known about Nova itself at the moment, although Ptursson suggested fans should expect more information in the coming weeks.


Ptursson did however reveal the Sheffield-based Sumo Digital is working with CCP on the game. This lends credence to the notion Project Nova really is a serious concern for CCP: fears about the longevity of this latest attempt at translating the Eve experience to an online shooter may well be misplaced.

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